I Reach Out Into Darkness


I Reach Out Into Darkness is a postcard piece for any pitched solo instrument written for the Illuminate Women’s Music season 1 2020 Online concert. This piece aims to shift our focus in music making from using
our instruments as a tool for specific sound making within a composition and towards the relationship between our bodies, instruments and
what sounds occur when we pay attention to what and how we feel. I wanted to accomplish a piece which features a more fixed opening, with
set pitches for all to follow. However, as the piece develops it becomes more personal and changes depending on the instrument and person
performing and how they choose to explore touch and what it means to them as a performer.

Link to the full concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKbldN_MMRE

– R

I Reach Out Into Darkness – Performed by Naomi Sullivan (baritone saxophone and looper)

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