A Picture of Transparency

I recently had the opportunity to take part in the RNCM and University of Liverpool’s collaborative interdisciplinary project PRiSM 8 cubed, where 8 scientists worked with 8 composers to create new pieces inspired by scientific research. I was partnered with Professor Rachel Williams, who is a researcher in Ophthalmic Bioengineering. Rachel’s research revolves around the design and development of advanced materials to overcome vision loss. … Continue reading A Picture of Transparency

Feedback Piano

In this project, I wanted to explore how I could use interactive music systems and feedback to encourage conscious musical decision making from audiences and interactors in an installation. This is in response to how installations that feature audience interaction typically use the audience members as controllers, catalysts or performers, but audiences rarely have the opportunity to contribute their own ideas within a sound installation. … Continue reading Feedback Piano

Destroy My Heartstrings

As a guitarist, I am interested in exploring ways of presenting sonically ideas surrounding gender and the electric guitar. Guitar and gender have been widely discussed in pop culture as well as academia, with both addressing similar questions of why there aren’t more female guitarists becoming as commercially successful as their male counterparts and how our relationship to the instrument differs in comparison to men. … Continue reading Destroy My Heartstrings


INTERNAL / EXTERNAL by Beth Madeley, is based on the idea of using animation as ‘therapy’ by exploring stream-of-consciousness frame by frame and free-writing to externalize internal feelings left from trauma. In this animation video, I worked very closely with the animator in discussing what she wanted to achieve sonically; however, we did not follow traditional working methods in order to achieve this. We wanted … Continue reading INTERNAL/EXTERNAL

Wanderscapes – Royal Court Theatre – Wigan Old Courts

Installation piece for the Wanderscapes Project by the Old Courts, Wigan. This piece was written as part of the Wanderscapes: Social Resonances sound and music audio walk commissioned by The Old Courts Wigan, released July 2021. The piece contains a mix of samples including cinema projectors, audiences, orchestral instruments and on site construction sounds at the Royal Court alongside original music to represent the history … Continue reading Wanderscapes – Royal Court Theatre – Wigan Old Courts

Contractions by Mike Bartlett – Whatstick Theatre Productions

Original Music for Whatstick Theatre’s production of Contractions written by Mike Bartlett. For this production, the music uses a mix of repetitive, minimalist motifs on percussive strings to create movement. The music is semi inspired by baroque dances, as well as textures and drones inspired by the breath and body, transitioning from rigid, rhythmic music to freer, breathy textures as the play develops. Above is … Continue reading Contractions by Mike Bartlett – Whatstick Theatre Productions

Record Player Scores

This is one of the sections of an improvisation workshop I ran during my time at Goldsmiths. I asked members of the local community and friends with different levels of knowledge around musical score making to create a new graphic score using different materials, which were to be placed onto a spinning piece of card on a record player. This was to help aid with … Continue reading Record Player Scores

Touch Based Scoring & Improvisation

This is one of the sections of an improvisation workshop I ran during my time at Goldsmiths. It features participants with a range of musical backgrounds, from pop musicians, classically trained musicians and those with no musical experience. They were asked to improvise together using wearable ‘scores’, using a device which sent impulses of different strengths and speeds to the wearer (image below). We used … Continue reading Touch Based Scoring & Improvisation

I Reach Out Into Darkness

I Reach Out Into Darkness is a postcard piece for any pitched solo instrument written for the Illuminate Women’s Music season 1 2020 Online concert. This piece aims to shift our focus in music making from usingour instruments as a tool for specific sound making within a composition and towards the relationship between our bodies, instruments andwhat sounds occur when we pay attention to what … Continue reading I Reach Out Into Darkness