List of Works

(Including AV compositions)


  • Rest By The Light for Flute, Oboe, Violin and Cello, as part of the Britten Sinfonia Opus 1 Scheme, in progress
  • New Piece as part of the Sound Pioneers Project by the Yorkshire Sound Women’s Network, in progress
  • Told: The Mackenzie Files (Original Theme Music – Digital Theatre), The Coach House, Everyman Playhouse, October 2021
  • Contractions by Mike Bartlett ( Play), original music for the production by Whatstick Theatre, performed at the Etcetera Theatre, June 2021
  • Royal Court Theatre, Wigan, Installation piece as part of the Wanderscapes project by the Old Courts Wigan, 2021
  • A Picture of Transparency, For flute, alto sax, guitar, piano, bass guitar, percussion and electronics, as part of the Prism 8 Cubed series with RNCM and the University of Liverpool, 2020.
  • Raidho, for alto saxophone and piano, 2020, commissioned as part of the Illuminate Women’s music season 1 2020 (TBR 2021)
  • Ghost Hands, for solo violin and electronic sounds, 2020
  • I Reach Out Into Darkness, for solo pitched instrument, 2020, commissioned as part of the Illuminate Women’s Music season 1 2020 online concert 29th June 2020
  • Original music for Installation #11: “How do you feel? Make something in a minute”, by Whatstick Theatre, online release, 2020
  •  Shadow Truths, for organ and electronics 2019, Commissioned as part of the Organ Reframed series at the Union Chapel, Islington
  • INTERNAL/EXTERNAL, musical score for animated short film, dir. by Beth Madeley, 2019
  • Chorus, for vocal duo and electronics, 2019
  • These days bind us together, acousmatic piece, 2019
  • Destroy My Heartstrings, acousmatic piece, 2018, premiered at the Electronic Music Studios Christmas Concert, December 2018
  •  If We Break Before The Dawn, For bass clarinet and electronic sounds, 2018, as part of the Cheltenham Composer Academy 2018
  • Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind, musical score for documentary, dir. Tom Griffiths, 2018
  •  And The Abyss Stares Right Back, for woodwind and electronic sounds, 2018
  •  Dethroning an Omnipotent God, for any number of performers, 2017, Devise. Realise Commission
  •  Limbo, musical score for short film, dir. Lorna Gibson, 2017
  •  We can Coexist, for string quartet, synthesisers, and percussion, 2017
  •  Summer Storms, for piano and live electronics created in MAX/MSP, 2017
  •  Under The Bridge, musical score for short film, dir. Cait Milner (2017)
  •  Hidden Disability, musical score for short film, created by Hannah Cross, Grace Bowmaker and Jessica Mayers (2017)
  • Patterns, Av project, 2017
  •  Catalyst, for clarinet, string trio and piano, 2017, winner of the Rodewald Award for young composers 2017
  •  What Is My Purpose and What Is Yours?, for piano and percussion, 2016
  •  Hollow Bodies (Are Meant To Be Hit), for solo violin, 2016
  •  Splash Dash, musical score for advertisement, Claire House Children’s Hospice, created by Josh Grady, 2016
  •  Falling For You , musical score for short film, by Toni Garden, Joshua Grady, Leanne Halpin, Jack Mee and Emma Lobato Castilla, 2016
  •  Sketch, musical score for short documentary, created by Andrew Haworth, Gaia Paulucci Couldrick, Kristie O’Brien, Michael McCormick, Becky Hughes, Aimee Diggle (2016)
  •  131 Hours, musical score for short film, Abby Brennan, 2016
  •  The Other Side, musical score for short film, dir. Hannah Cross, 2015
  •  Memories Are Made Of This, musical score for short film, created by Stott, Gibson, Banner and Cross, 2015
  •  Let’s Make Cake!, musical score for short film, created by Ellen Stott and Lorna Gibson 2015
  •  Art of the Lived Experiment, musical score for short documentary, as part of DaDaFest, dir. Hannah Cross, 2014

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